Liannas Houseboy Giselle London


Published: December 15th 2011



Liannas Houseboy  by  Giselle London

Liannas Houseboy by Giselle London
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After years of enjoying the privileges that her wealthy life affords her, Lianna is accustomed to having her staff cater to her every desire…down to the smallest, erotic detail. She enjoys being in control, and when her new houseboy arrives for his first day on the job, Lianna is eager to begin his training.When Will arrives at Lianna Dorians sprawling estate, hes thrilled to have scored such a plush job. But it isnt long before he realizes that his new employer has unusual requests for her new very personal assistant.

Hes happy to submit to her whims outside the bed…but under the covers, he knows exactly what a woman like Lianna really needs!WARNING: This provocative short story includes an explicit sex scene, light bondage with handcuffs, sizzling sexual tension, and a stunning beefcake who knows when to be submissive to his sexy boss, and when he needs to become her dominant, masterful lover!For ADULTS only.

While this story does contain elements of very light bondage and very mild dominance/submission themes, it would not likely qualify as a BDSM story to the average BDSM reader.This short story contains 6,781 words (actual story length, not including the bonus excerpt and other added material).All sexual acts in this book are consensual. All characters in this book are 25 years old and up, and not related in any way. (The word houseboy is used tongue-in-cheek because Will is 25, and Lianna is 39.)

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